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About Gaz Energie

Gaz Energie is a cutting edge power company, an innovative and modern power company dedicated to doing things more efficient and effectively

Our current projects are based in Peru, built on the strength of the nation’s largest and most diverse competitive electric generation portfolio and leading wholesale electricity platform.

We are dedicated to creating value through ensuring highly effective operations, reliable and efficient electric generation, and a wholesale platform business. Working with electricity customers, large and small, we continually innovate, embrace and implement sustainable solutions for producing and managing energy.

We are developing and offering smarter energy choices and delivering exceptional service to our wholesale electricity customers throughout the country.

As well as producing power at our own power generation facilities, we also leverage our gas industry expertise to provide Energy Management and Trading Services specializing in trading and energy management services.

The world is changing, and the way we power it must change, too. People deserve to have access to the power they need to be free. To choose cleaner, reliable and affordable energy. To prosper today and thrive tomorrow.

Gaz Energie Core Values

At Gaz Energie, our core values provide a framework for all strategic management plans and goals. We STRIVE to focus on people as well as profit and are dedicated to contributing positively to the local communities in which our employees live and work:

  • Safety– at Gaz Energie, safety always comes first in our company with a focus on preventative safety practices and a zero significant injuries target.
  • Teamwork– in our business, it is essential that we work together as a team, harnessing the power of our combined skills, outlooks and efforts to address business opportunities and solve problems.
  • Respect– we listen closely to one another and treat each other with respect. We create value for every shareholder. We respect our local communities and strive to be a good neighbor. We respect the environment and work continuously to improve it.
  • Integrity– we say what we mean, and we honor our word. Integrity is central to our open and honest communications with colleagues, investors, regulators, customers and the communities in which we do business.
  • Value Creation– as individuals, as teams and as a company, our goal is always to utilise our capital resources, physical assets and professional expertise to create and maximise value.
  • Exemplary Leadership– regardless of our positions within the company, we are all leaders. We exercise leadership by developing well-thought-out plans, effectively communicating them to everyone who would be affected and then acting decisively to implement those plans.
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