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Optimal practical and technical location

Humay Power Plant (CT Humay) is located in Independencia District, Pisco Province and Ica Region in Peru, at 260 Km south of Lima City. The 6 hectare site has topographical, geological and geotechnical characteristics ideal for plant construction, and is cleared and construction ready.

Based on Mistubishi Hitachi technology

CT Humay will be based on Mistubishi Hitachi Power Systems’ M501JAC gas turbine technology, operating in combined cycle. Producing approximately 500MWs, it is capable of providing power to 0.5m homes and industrial customers.  The facility is scheduled to enter operation year end 2020.

CT Humay will utilize the air-cooled advanced class gas turbine to meet the shareholders of objective of providing Peru the most efficient power plant with 64% efficiency and 99.5% proven reliability.  The air-cooled technology will consume very little water, and producing very low emissions, a testament to the owner’s commitment to the environment and the community.

  • Excellent site conditions for efficient operation of the turbines.
  • Environmental impact minimization (brownfields and redundant agricultural land)
  • Access to the plant by PAN-AMERICAN highway to Pisco; close to new international port and airport.

We look forward to updating you on progress throughout the project, so keep checking in…

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